Death of a Salesman Essay

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“Actions speak louder than words.” as said by J.Pym, is usually true. However, sometimes people are judged for doing the most horrid things, even if nobody knows it is for good reasons. Biff Loman of Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, was a hard working man who committed obscene actions, but remained good-hearted. He was dedicated to his goal, but was not as qualified as he may have thought. His inadequacy resulted failure and self-disappointment. Following his declination, Biff made a discovery that would forever be weighed on him. His unsuccessful life continued to plummet after becoming an uttermost disappointment to his father. Based solely on his actions Biff Loman may have been considered immoral, but his full presentation led the reader to react more sympathetically than they otherwise might.
During high school Biff was a big shot, a stupendous football player,and always at the center of attention. In order to receive a football scholarship, it was mandatory that he passed high school math. Biff soon discovered that neither his charm nor talent would help him get into college or obtain a stable career. However, by the time he came to this realization it was too late; he had flunked math and did not pass high school. Therefore, he was unable to receive the scholarship, thus disposing of all of his future plans. It is prominently shown that Biff is full of self-reproach due to the acknowledgement that he will never be able to undo his life altering mistake. The reader was then forced to sympathize with him as he led himself down a deficient path. This was not the only occurrence that affected the continuation of Biff’s down-spiral. Willy Loman, a benevolent father and husband, always found a way to provide the necessities and luxuries for his family. However, his family was unaware of his duplicitous life. While Willie was away a business trip Biff realized his incapability to become the football star his father had anticipated him to be. Biff decided to travel to Boston to personally deliver the discouraging news to his father. Upon his arrival Biff found his father with another woman. Biff at this time was a young teenager who admired his father. This event caused Biff to have feelings of betrayal and resentment towards his father. Not only was Biff dissatisfied with his father, but he also had to carry the burden of this secret with him forever. The reader sympathized with Biff because of the sense that no one should have to endure such a hardship at a young age. Despite his affair, Willy genuinely loved his family. His love for them was profound enough for him to want them to be the most well-liked people there ever were. The aspirations Willy had hoped for were too intense for him to handle on his own; therefore, he imposed them upon his sons. Biff was meant to be the football star, admired by all. After failing to reach his football dream and uncovering his father’s affair, Biff decides to leave New York and head out west. While