Essay on Death of a salesman

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English Assignment- Death of A Salesman

Characters: Willy, Biff, Happy

Traits: Physical, emotional, intellectual, social


Willy does not have the self-realization or knowledge of a tragic hero.
Seen as intellectual because he has a professional understanding of himself and the fundamental nature of the sales profession, however, he fails to realize his personal failure.
He cannot grasp emotions – doesn’t see himself as a low man, he is driven by his willfulness to recognize the slanted reality that his despite mind has forged. Willy’s failure to recognize the anguished love off
Socially, he lies a lot, and ignores the significant accomplishment of his partial self-realization.
He is insecure and tries to make himself feel better by lying to himself and his family – brings him success.
Willy’s suicide shows his emotional distress, and how he is a deluded figure ... it obviously gives reason to the title of the play.


Biff feels compelled to seek truth about himself ... he acknowledges his failure and eventually manages to confront it, opposite of what his family does.
Biff bristles self-deception, meanwhile, Willy and Happy delude themselves.
Biff is depicted as an underachiever by others, he see’s himself trapped as an understudy of Willy.
His name makes him seem like a dump big dumb lump – he’s the only character in the play that actually shows some personal growth.
He is Willy’s oldest son ... Willy really likes him, he was a…