Death of a Salesman Essay

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Terrance Randolph

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10 July 2015

“Death of a Salesman”

In Arthur Miller’s Death of a Salesman, Willy Loman symbolizes the ton of hard-working Americans who end up too old to be of significance to his or her employer. Willy Loman by himself is just another man, but if we think the tons of other men experiencing the same issues, then his outcome turn out to be tragic by the influence in numbers. Capitalist workers are what Arthur Miller wanted Willy Loman to symbolize. Willy Loman can be considered a tragic hero because his only tragic flaw is a strong desire to be a popular salesman.
Willy Loman can be seen as a tragic hero because in the beginning he is influential and significant to others, but loses everything because of his tragic flaw. Willy seems to have everything a man could ever want, a house, a car, a job, two boys that love him, and a supportive wife. Although Willy works hard for many years and he slowly loses everything, because he cares for his family more than himself. Being successful is important to Willy, because he sees himself as the provider of the family by offering financial support and exhibiting a good self-image regardless of the fact he does not succeed.
Willy was deceitful only because his tragic flaw is to be a popular salesman. He loves his family, but Willy felt better by lying to him and his family members about being a successful salesperson. He uses arrogance to disguise his anxiety as well as pleading with successful people to support and guide him. Willy stats, “Bigger than Uncle Charley! Because Charley is not liked. He’s liked, but he’s not—well liked”(1851). So Willy believes well liked people are inevitably successful. He also believes that those individuals who have made it great started low and, therefore, he believes that one day he will be successful. The reasons for the deceitful character of Willy arise due to his interaction with many people both in the past and in the present. Willy craves for attention and desires for success; hence, this drives all his activities to be deceitful. His memories of good things for him and his sons create a situation for him to justify his current lack of prosperity. Therefore, the results of Willy’s trademark behavior are anger, obsession, and contradiction. The tragic flaws of Willy…