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Ambition, this is a word with so much meaning and has taken my life over entirely. This word has changed, shaped, bent me, and propelled me forward. This word describes me perfectly, and was a part of my reason for choosing the book A Life Without Limits written by Chrissie Wellington. This book goes through the hardships, and the meaning of becoming a well – rounded successful individual. A couple examples from the book include when Wellington dealt with huge injuries, and close deaths that shook her. So here goes.
Sport is something that I endure and very much enjoy. I want to set myself to be successful in the near future. This includes non-stop training and motivation. Staying motivated is something that is not easy to do. Anyways, running is a passion of mine and is one thing I want to achieve something in. I also want to expand into training to swim and bicycle. When you put those three together, you get a sport called triathlon which is a long grueling race involving all three. The life of Chrissie Wellington explains how she found herself and how she shaped herself to be an incredible person. As a typical bookworm, all throughout school she always found herself nose deep in studying and achieving academic success. She was always against all the bad influences such as drinking, smoking, and getting involved in relationships. None of that stuff ever crossed her mind, she despised of it. The same way I do too. Wellington stated “When wanting to achieve, tuning out the negative influences makes the path clearer” Throughout life she traveled the world, met many people and had found her hidden talent within herself along the way. She discovered it more and more each day, showing her an ambition she could not surpass, running, biking, and swimming. Because this is the type of person she is. Determined to be better than everyone else, never give up, and work as hard until your body can no longer withstand the pain and exhaustion. Your body can go much more further than an individual thinks it can, and this is built through your character and pride that you have stored in you. This book characterizes me in every way possible because I always love pushing myself to a maximal limit!
This paragraph explains me through a quote derived from Wellington. Inspiration flew through me when I was reading and came across this. It is probably one of the most important quotes that have crossed my line of path in the past five years. I use this to keep my motivation and determination at a high level, “Hard work and an open mind – It’s the only way to realize the potential that is inside every one of us.” (Wellington 82). I am a hard working person but sometimes a bad attitude will sometimes take over. That is where an open and positive mind is very important. I have lots of potential for my future and ambition like no other that I will not waste. The things I do in order to work hard are spend a lot of time running, cycling and occasionally swimming. I do spend the most of my time in the weight room though. It is like