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Death Penalty Lots of crimes happen throughout society but murder is the most harmful, not only to the victim but also to the victim’s family. The death penalty will bring justice to the victim and their family. Uma Kukaths said, “Death penalty supporters claimed that not only is the state justified in permanently removing a murderer from society, it is obliged to do so to protect its law-abiding citizens from harm”. The victim’s family would be happy to know that the murderer is gone and justice was served. When somebody is purposely murdered, they are usually brutally murdered and had to suffer. Carol Wekesser says, “The vast majority of Americans tend to focus on the act of the murderer and therefore favor capital punishment” A lot of people want justice and don’t want the chance of a murderer being released back into society. A murder is very personal to the victim’s family, and they not only want the criminal to be locked up, they want justice. For example Uma Kukathas says, “Those favoring the death penalty also used biblical arguments, citing retribution, ‘an eye for an eye’ as a valid reason for putting murderers to death”This will help the victim’s family

not feel as much pain, than if nothing happened at all. Overall, the death penalty will bring closure to many families. The death penalty not only brings closure to families but it also decreases crime in societies which could potentially save lives. Some murderers are sent to jail for life but for those who aren’t they are released back into society. Michal Summers states, “…[O]ur recent research shows that each execution carried out is correlated with about 74 fewer murders the following year…” The death penalty will help prevent murderers from being released back into society. With less murderers being released into society, crime would decrease. David Muhihausem states, “…the recent studies using panel data techniques have confirmed what we learned decades ago: Capital punishment does, in fact, save lives” With fewer criminals in society, civilians would be safer. If the death penalty is used more, it would prevent more crimes. Ernest Van Den Haag states, “…nothing will deter a criminal more than the fear of death” If criminals feared the death penalty it could prevent them from committing crimes. Overall, the death penalty could reduce crime and save lives. The death penalty can help save tax payers money and put it to a better use. When criminals are sentenced to life it costs a lot to keep them in prison. For example the Legislative Analyst’s Office states, “It costs an average of about $47,000 per year to incarcerate an inmate in prison in California” (Simbol). If the death penalty was used, a big part of the money saved could be used towards crime prevention and could also be used to hire more law enforcement to prevent further crimes. With more and more people coming into prisons, it costs a lot to take care of them. For example the Legislative Analyst’s Office states, “Over two-thirds of these costs are for security and inmate health care” (Simbol). It isn’t fair that people who commit crimes get to

go to prison and have free health care when other citizens have to work for it. A lot of the money also goes toward inmate activities. The Legislative Analyst’s Office states, “…the average annual cost has