Death Penalty Essay

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Death Penalty
From ancient time death penalty is an issue that people want to solve. People allege that guilty people may realize their crime and become better people on this world. Despite of democracy in some countries, the government is able to punish with death penalty which is sometimes might be so violent. When one thinks about specific county execution numbers may be small but think about the world. I believe to kill someone for a robbery or trivial crimes are unfair and useless. However, giving death penalty to big crimes such as murdering or raping is lawful and honorable by people.
The capital punishment survives on these days. People say that they want democracy and the government says they give it to people. People state they want freedom but being free does not mean doing what you want; it means doing the things without being forced. When one thinks about freedom one should not think about raping or killing someone because of freedom. One will be punished for doing it. There are several countries with death penalty such as US, China, Iran and North Korea. About 58 countries have capital punishment.
There are several types of executions. The hanging is the oldest method that is used from ancient times. By the time executing with gas, electric chair, an injection and shooting was added. Nowadays these five are the most used. The guilty people may choose how to die the court gives them to option.
The capital punishment is given for big crimes that are really acceptable by society. On the other hand it depends on state law or country law. The capital crimes can cover such as murdering, treason, espionage, raping a small child, drug trafficking, aggravated kidnapping, aircraft hijacking, placing a bomb near a bus terminal. For example, Albert Fish was an American serial killer. He was also known as the Brooklyn Vampire; he was suspected