Persuasive Essay On Cameras

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You come home from school, its an ordinary Friday night, you dump your bag on your bedroom floor and sit in the living room waiting for what the weekend will bring. Your mum Is out the back hanging out the washing, but your eyes are fixed on the TV screen, suddenly a piercing scream cuts the air, you turn around and look at the window to see your mum fall to the ground and a man in black clutching a blood soaked knife.
He sprints out onto the street, and the tires on his car screech as he drives away.

You rush out to aid your mum and collapse on her body; you struggle to breathe realizing your world has just been torn apart. Through the haze of tears you look up and see the life less face of your own mother, by passers rush around you, ambulances and policemen are called and you sit there and recount every single brutal detail of it.

Thirty years later. You’re standing outside the gates of a prison; rain pounds around your feet, beating you down. Cameras flash; a man walks out of the prison gates, solemnly swearing to the cameras that he has found God, that he is healed and that he shall never commit evil again. A face you could never forget; lines added, hair greyed, but all too familiar. You watch in silence, not daring to speak; cameras glare at you, a few questions are asked of you; but you cannot speak. He walks towards a car, headed towards a new life with his newfound freedom. He drives towards you and pulls down the window; he stares at you and gives you a