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The death penalty, known as capital punishment, is primarily a reprimand for those who choose to do immoral actions. Such actions include rape, murder, and I believe acts of pedophilia as well. Many believe that life in prison is punishment enough for those who commit crimes and most believe that it is not suffice. The death penalty should be allowed because it serves justice for victims. Also it puts more faith in the judicial system and assures safety to innocence people. Criminal acts such as murder, rape and homicide are becoming more frequent in this society. The death penalty is the only way to guarantee justice for the victims. Most of the time criminals that murder did not doing it for the first time and are not scared or discouraged from acting. Going to prison is not a harsh enough punishment for those who kill for no reason at all. Those who take away life should not have the approval to live. Even if they spend a lifetime in jail the victims’ family would always be set on revenge.
If individuals involved in terrible crimes such as murder or homicides are not put on death row, people are bound to lose confidence in the court system. This will also add to other criminals’ belief that the court is more understanding towards a criminal than towards the victims or society. Life in prison means the convict has a chance of parole. This gives the criminal a chance to get back at those who testified against him. He can also take revenge on the victim's family. This leaves the victim's family living a life of fear, and loathe for the system responsible.
It is safer and smarter to kill those who have murdered before. If they were sentenced to a couple of years in jail, who is to say, they will not kill once more after getting out. There are many cases in which the killer got out of prison and they killed once more. There were no purpose behind their killings they simply were