Death Penalty Detterance Essay

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It has always been an issue of whether the death penalty in the United States would serve as a detterent. A detterent is suppose to serve as something to prevent people from committing a crime. Public exectuions use to be normal among communities in previous generations. Today there has been major controversy in society of whether execution should be held publicy in order to prevent crime. I do not think that there is any way of deterence of capital punishment that would discourage the public from committing cime. People are going to commit crime regaurdless of the punishment because they are not thinking about the consequences of getting caught. Capital punishment is also a huge controversy. Some of society views death as being natural and that there should not having a policy of capital punishment at all and that is the reason that the justice system is wanting life sentences. Captial punishment is also a way of glorifying murder. It woud definitely be more glorified if executions were held on television. The graphic nature of some execution discourages the justice system. Another reason why the justice system is kept from making execution public is who has access to the execution. You would not want your children to be flipping through the channels while watching cartoons and come across an execution. Another source of deterrance was the eye for an eye theory. This seemed to be a key for deterrance. In a way an eye for an eye does seem like it would keep people from