Death: Pregnancy and Incarcerated Pregnant Inmate Essay

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Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be pregnant in jail? What happens to your baby? Well I’ve done allot of research and I found a lot of things I didn’t know.

Health care
In my eyes every pregnant woman in prison should have the same care for an unborn baby and their selves as if they were on the outside. Every woman should be entitled to monthly check ups and should be provided with prenatal vitamins and medication or additional care if needed. Ultrasounds should also be mandatory throughout the pregnancy. The health of a mother and her baby are very important. A mother can become very sick due to neglect of care and her becoming ill can even be fatal. If a baby doesn’t receive proper care it can get sick or even die as well.
. The jail medical personnel canceled her sonogram appointment and ignored her cries for help.. Denying her care not only put her current baby at risk but also put her at a higher risk for serious issues.
The jail medical personnel ignored her complaints about a thick vaginal discharge for almost two weeks. A PHS progress report on Jan 28th noted vaginal spotting, but she was still not taken to be examined until five days later . At this time a ultrasound was finally done and it showed that all of her amniotic fluid had leaked out and the baby’s skull had collapsed as a result. Her baby was dead.
Her doctor recommended her baby be delivered immediately. Instead she was taken back to jail. 3 days later the judge released her due to her lawyer saying her condition was grave. She delivered her dead baby and was able to hold it for a few moments.Further delay of delivery by c-section could have result it her death as well.

The cost of an incarcerated pregnant inmate is much higher than the average inmate due to medical expenses and delivery cost. This cost tax payers much more money. The average inmate cost is about 27 to 33 thousand dollars. A pregnant inmate can cost anywhere from 36 to 58 thousand dollars due to medical issues and the higher cost of food, Due to the increase in protein in the meals.

Every woman has the