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When committing a crime you serve a certain amount of time amount of time depending on the crime you commit and on the judges decision. Committing and intense or cruel crime such as numerous murders would have you sentenced to death row. Many people feel that killing those who kill is inhumane or some just think it’s part of the normal world. What would be your decision to do , kill those who kill or find a better punishment for them? Remember two wrongs don’t make a right. Being sentenced to death row is being punished enough. The removal of death row is needed to not only to stop the killings of those who kill but also to keep the innocent ones physically and mentally healthy.
When your sentenced to death row , would probably be the last you ever see sun or come into contact with anything or anyone ever again. You’re under watch 24 hours of the day having limited time out your cell. You may be one of the lucky one because some death row inmates are in solitary confinement meaning that there locked in a closed cell 24 hours. This sometimes drives inmates crazy making some suicidal. If you really think about it , isn’t this enough punishment for one human being ? You lose all freedom and your social life only only revolves around the inmates who’ve committed crimes as bad or even worse then you. At this point the penitentiary that you attend is your home.

Isn't home a place that you should feel safe and be able to be happy in ? Well to Patterson, a 36 year old who murdered a woman and her unborn child , wasn't the case. " In the four years he has called San Quentin home . . . " It's sad enough that you're in jail but when you're considering it home , it's devastating. This is the usual outcome for anyone who's sentenced to death row. You're in a 5 by 9 cell with on bed and one toilet. It would probably be one of the most unsanitary places you'll ever visit in your life. To live in a condition like that is outrageous.
People would assume that execution wouldn't take a toll on anyone, even the person being executed. During the process of execution normal humans like you and I process and witness these executions. No one really knows the effect that it put on these people. " They do their best to perform an inhumane job. . . and those people who participated in executions suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (Ault). PTSD is a disorder of anxiety after you're exposed to an event that results to psychological trauma. Having PTSD can result to many things and may even bring a downfall into your life.
Using drugs or not being able to sleep may be caused by witnessing a cruel or…