Deaths Heir Short Story

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Deaths Heir (RustyRedHero)
The blonde haired man walked around the stone mansion he called home; searching for his unruly heir who'd decided to vanish. This had all come about when he mentioned that he wanted her to inherit sooner rather than later. The other four horsemen had already retired after all and now it was his turn. “Seclusion!” his tough leather boots hitting the cold floor as he searched around. Her room was empty, the training rooms were, the music rooms and now he'd discovered the stable was empty and also missing an undead horse. He groaned and ran a hand back through his shaggy blonde hair. Pulling on his cloak he went to his throne room and sent out ravens to summon the one person he thought would even stand a chance against his unruly heir. He sent out a request to them that read:

Please help me deal with an unruly creature, they’ll be located in the old ruins of that city in the mountains, have fun and they must be brought back alive. Signed Death

He groaned a bit and waited hoping that his request would be taken by the man he’d asked. After all he was running out of ideas for suiters at this rate, with about 50 having been killed already
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Her wings wrapped around her, she had ankle high walking boots on, torn jeans and a simple white shirt along with a pale blue tattered scarf that hid her seal. But that seal was slowly breaking as her power seemed to be crying for freedom after being sealed away in her body for so long. Her horse Despair however, was like a giant guard dog, the albino undead horse snorted and alerted his mistress to any disturbance he noticed and very few things would get past the beast. As such when he detected some angels getting too close, hours after she'd ran off, her alerted her swiftly through the link she had with the