Debate: Family and Parenting Skills Essay

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English 4
October 7, 2013
Debate Paper: More to it than just video games
Many people believe that because of children playing or even watching video games cause them to become just as violent as what they’re playing. To some extent that could be right but to some other extent it’s more to it than just a video game. It’s seems as time flies media and games get more violent. Desensitizing many children to violence. There have been massive uproars on children acting out violent behaviors because of violent video games.
I believe it’s all the factors in ones life that leads a child to become violent. A kid can be raised completely right with authoritative parenting skills, still play MA video games, and be perfectly normal. I doubt you would see that kid lash out and try to mimic a video game in future reference. Why? Because the kid has been taught already from right from wrong. Although children’s minds are not full developed, with the right parenting skills, right environment, kids will know how to act and how not to act.
On the other hand, you have kids who will enact out what they see. Not just because they are desensitized to violent video games because of constant play but because of all factors around them desensitize them. These factors include biological, psychological, and social predispose. From in their mother womb, to the environment around them, to their social life is what takes effect of ones life. For example I have a nephew who is 10 and a cousin who is the same age. I treat them both equally. Both of them of course have two different families in which they reside. My nephew is raised with a well off family, supportive, and knowledgably. My cousin’s family, not so well off family, unsupportive family, and none seem to be knowledgeable. My nephew warren although his mom and