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There’s nothing like your twenties! It is the time period of your life where the young adult begins to reconcile with the adult forming in you as you head towards the gates of 30. Catherine Genovese, also famously known as “Kitty,” was two years shy of those gates to adulthood. On March 13, 1964, Kitty made her way to home after a long night at work as a bar manager. As she got out of her car and headed towards her apartment doors a man who seemed to be following her alarmed her. Frightened, Kitty began to quickly run towards her apartment doors when the perpetrator unfortunately caught up to her and stabbed Kitty twice in the back. A man, that police identified six days later as 29-year-old Winston Moseley. Wishing that the story ended there and that Kitty would have been able to withstand two knife wounds, Moseley after fleeing the scene returns to “finish the job” as he stated to police. Kitty Genovese body was found at the side of her apartment building with 77 knife wounds, she did not survive. Investigators, with there own suspension, believed that there was a possible relation between Kitty and her perpetrator, only to find out that he was a complete stranger whose motives were because he wanted to “kill a woman.” Could this senseless murder have been prevented and could we have apprehended Moseley a lot quicker before his second attack?

We can’t control the action or the decisions of others however we can try our best to deter them. In 1992, in Airdrie Scotland 12 cameras were installed in town centers. Surveillance officer observed a 21% decline in dishonesty and vandalism. (Ratcliffe, 2006) When people are first introduced with the idea of having surveillance cameras monitor their every move in public,…