Debate: Interpersonal Relationship and Youtube Video- Romance Essay

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Youtube video- Romance in the workplace- is it ethical?

What we mean by romance in the workplace is any sexual or intimate relations between co-workers and/ or employees and that the organization should be able to regulate and control this behavior.

Main points of why organization should have the right to regulate romantic relationships in the work place

1) work performance decline – Can negatively affect their work performance due to distractions in the workplace. Fellow employees are likely to notice any decline in an individual's work because their workload is often determined by their co-workers. Concentration levels may decrease depending on the stage in the relationship.

2) Inequity, control over the other person (favoritism), if one of the two is ranked higher up in the business Coworkers may feel as if the employee in the relationship is receiving special treatment, and this in turn can affect the way employees trust the management of the company.

3) Resentment from others-hostility with co-workers (jealousy between co-workers)

4) Sexual harassment

5) Threaten career advancements- some managers may see the development of a workplace romance as unprofessional and a possible lack of judgement that may discourage them from offering the employees involved any further advancements in the company

6) Complicate work relationships- when office relationships break up it can not only ruin the relationship between the two co-workers involved but it can also eliminate any personal connections that the employees had with their previous partners department they are in. also can lead to awkward interactions as well as avoided conversation.

7) Conflict of interest- if the couple works in different departments their opinions may differ, and they may disclose private information to each other that may hurt either side when making important company decisions.

Control over workers performance
- The organization should have control over their employees work performance and anything that is disrupting the work process should be addressed

****Aspects of control
Romantic or sexual relationships between staff members where one individual has influence or control over the other's