Essay on Debate: New York City and United States

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Resolved: The United States should utilize enhanced interrogational techniques for the benefit of national security.
Say there is a bomb that will detonate in a public area somewhere very soon. The person who planted the bomb is the only one who knows its whereabouts. That person is being held by the police/intelligence services. The interrogators have overwhelming evidence to believe that they have the right man. They can check anything he says to see if he is lying, because of the other intelligence they have gathered. However, he is refusing to disclose the location of the bomb under interrogation. Is putting one person through temporary pain worth the lives of many? Enhanced interrogational techniques are temporary, but a bomb that is about to go off and kill hundreds is permanent and can’t be undone. In Boston Massachusetts on April 15, 2013 two explosions change the lives of hundreds. The death count was 3 with over 170 injured. Three people will never get to see their family again, and one of the people who did this terrible deed is still alive. Who knows if there are more people like the two who set off those bombs? We need to get as much intelligence from him as possible. So our national security agency can prevent this from ever occurring again.
Terrorist events towards the United States have been around since the 1800’s. In 1940 to 1956, George Metesky, the "Mad Bomber", placed over 30 bombs in New York City in public places such as Grand Central Station and The Paramount