Debate: Plagues of Egypt and Moses Essay

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The Prince of Egypt Assignment
By: Emily Palma
Period 2

1) Miriam influenced and encouraged Moses throughout the video by: following Moses who was left in the basket in the river and making sure that he was found and that he would be safe. And also she tells Moses that God will not abandon him, so he also must not abandon her or the Hebrew slaves. And also she was the one who told Moses that he was her brother and that he was adopted by the king and queen of Egypt when she started to sing the lullaby that his mother sang to Moses when she left him in the river to prove that she was truly his sister.

2) The importance of the lullaby to Moses’ life is that it help’s Moses remember the lullaby from his memory when his mother sang it to him when she left him in the river because she knew that if the guards find him, they would surely kill him and when Miriam started to sing the lullaby, it was to prove that he was adopted by the king and that she is his sister. When Moses sleeps, he dreams of the final lullaby that his mother sang to him, and no one was supposed to know it unless they were there when he first learned it also.

3) The lyrics of the song is related to us searching for meaning in our lives because the line, “The answer will come to him who tries to look at his life through heaven’s eyes” basically means that if your with God, you will find the reason for your life and the meaning to your life. Before Moses found out that he was a brother of a Hebrew slave, he didn’t really think about how the slaves were being treated and thought that everything in life revolved around his royal family and how much power they had over people. Be after he found out, he started to look at his life in a different way, now he couldn’t just stand by and watch innocent people’s freedom get taken away and see how badly they were being treated.

And the next line, “And though you never know all the steps you must learn to join the dance. You must learn to join the dance” basically means that even though you don’t know all the answers to life, you must learn to have faith in God and following in his footsteps. And that even though you don’t see that your life is important, you should know that you are apart of something much bigger than you ever thought…