Debate: Structure of Policy Debate and Impact Calc Essay

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Impact Calc:
goes on top of case, extend the cards.
Neg block- impact calc should happen on top of the dis ad.. should have sub points, so it should be flowed as sub points.
should do impact calc, but not long, should be efficient, author why it outweighs, but no story, can put it on top of case, or to answer dis ad outweighs the case.
you need to start your speech with this, compare the dis ad with the entire impacts of the aff, take out a sheet of paper, so you know what they're impacts are, and so you can know.
should be a lot of impact calc, 1;30 minutes or 2, you can lie, and no one can say you're lying.
General tips- knowledge based symmetry, you should know more about the impacts you are debating then your opponents, know a lot about history, read a lot about the impacts, read a lot about the arguments, read a lot about the case! punish the other team when they don't know the answers. Tell a story! paint a picture! be very sad, make it sound fun, be dramatic, don't go too overboard. It's not all about evidence! Impact calc should be about comparisons. make it more about what the other team has said. It's all about evidence! is my impact evidence good. are my warrants good, why will this be bad? WARRANTS, QUAL., and the date... you need to have updated cards! Does it answer the impact defense? Relationship to the link.
Factors for comparison- Magnitude: how large it is. 1. escalation potential, why is this going to get worse. a. vertical esc., the countries involved in this war, will get super involved into this war. They’ll make it their priority. 2. Horizontal esc., more people, countries or actors are being…