Debt and Financial Aid Essay

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Patrice Smith

February 14, 2015

The Time When My Student Loan Was In Default

American InterContinental University

English Composition 1 (ENGLISH 106 Section AGFME)

Dr. Dixie Hickman


I am very excited to be a student at AIU! I am greatly moved by the decision I have made to further my education. But the truth is, I almost didn't make it to this point, I almost was turned away because of a defaulted status in my Financial Aid account. I am very happy to report, not only have I gotten that cleared up, but I am a full-time student in my second semester. I love my school, and I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I was ecstatic when found the motivation to go back to school to further my education and earn a degree. One day, as I was watching television, an advertisement came on for American InterContinental University. I grabbed the phone and immediately called the number they had displayed. I anxiously scheduled an appointment to register for the next semester. The day of my registration, I drove for about forty-five long minutes in the pouring rain to register for school. When I got there I parked my car in the first available parking space I came to. I pranced inside the school and into the Admissions Office. Everything was pulled off without a hitch! I chose my classes, got my parking permit and decal, library card, and was given a campus tour. I had done everything but met with the Financial Aid Department. Finally, it was time to meet with Financial Aid. When I did, after two and a half long excruciating hours, which felt more like ten, we discovered that I was not eligible to receive Financial Aid because my previous loan was in a defaulted status, which was six months. Until this matter was all cleared up, I needed to make my own payment arrangements, this meant paying out of my own pocket. I felt horrible, like m hopes and dreams may never come to pass. I felt like my future would be a struggle that would get the best of me. There was this constant pain in the pit of my stomach.
In order to not have to drop out before the course even began, I needed pay for my own classes for a total of six months, the total time it would take for my previous loan to come out of default status.
Being stuck in between a rock and a hard place, I was faced with the decision to either pay up or sit it out until my situation was resolved. I agreed, in good faith, to…