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Before You Read
Managing Money and Minimizing Debt
GEN 100 Introductions to College

This chapter is about how to manage money and how to minimize debt, is a really good and interesting chapter to read it gives out a lot of examples on how you can reduce your debts and manage your money on every days life. And how to be self-awareness on how people spent this resources; and how both of this can be save and run out of them and also give you examples on how you can watch how you spent your money and buying just the basic stuff or essential necessaries to help you save for emergency expenses witch you do not know when you are going to need in the future.
This chapter is interesting also because give you strategies on how to track you money from all you money income resources to no spent more money than what u make and do not get in to much debt that sometimes is too hard to get out of it and it can take you to bankruptcy, this chapter change my mind about a lot of things in my personal life.

Debt cards almost the same as a credit card but used differently, when you used you debit car money is deducted right away from the card.
Credit cards basically money loaned to you by a credit card company that issues you the card, which you pay back to the company.
Checking accounts long before credit cards were created; a checking account was the method most people use to keep track of their money.
Emergency founds money you