Debut Albums and Baby Essay

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It was midnight already, but the street lights were still strong and shining. They drove away the darkness and made the sky look like it was still day. A couple went out of the theater with tears on both faces. They were holding hands and walking down the steps. “OH… The movie is so impressive,” a beautiful girl said, “why did they all die at last?” The tears went down her cheeks. Soon, she covered her face with both hands and whining. “Come here, baby,” a boy hugged the girl tightly, “don’t cry, and don’t be sad. It is just a movie.” He put his hands on her shoulder and consoled her. “I know,” she stopped whining, but tears still went down her face, “but would you die for me, like Peter saved Mary and died for her in the movie?” She raised her head from the boy’s chest and looked at him. Her eyes were full of questions and tears. “I will, honey,” the boy answered seriously with smiling, “I will do anything for you, because I love you.” He kissed her forehead and hugged her again, “now, close your eyes,” the boy said, “I have something to show you.” The girl slowly closed her eyes, while the boy wiped down her tears. He soon opened his pocket and took out a red box.
“Ok, honey,” he was nervous, “open your eyes.”
“Oh my goodness,” the excitement shown on the girl’s face, “It is a ring, a beautiful ring. What’s that for, baby?”
“For you, for our wedding,” he said proudly, “do you want to marry me?”
“Yes, I do, I do. I love you baby,” she jumped excitedly to him and kissed him, “it a biggest surprise that I never get.”
“Ok, now, I need to throw your trash away.” He gently put her down and walked toward the trash can.
“Wait,” the girl yelled loudly, “give the trash to you, I need to show you something