Debut Albums and Baby Blue Skies Essay

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A Storm of Panic Last summer was the most eventful night of my summer. There was a storm, it caused everyone to panic, but we were not selfish. We begin to helping others carry their coolers, drag a boat out of the water, rescue a jet ski that had ran out of gas on the far bank. We survived to tell the story of that terrible night.
That morning, I woke up at 10:45am excited, because for the first time I was going to Lake Pleasant. I looked outside to check the weather, baby blue skies, as if I was looking into a paint can. On the drive out there, I remembered that I didn’t grab any shoes. We ran by Wal-mart and picked up some cheap sandals. An hour later I finally arrived at the lake. I spent 5 hours on the water. It was the most fun I have had in a long time. I was flying on water because I was going so fast, throwing me off a few times. Then I saw something….
In the distance, a huge haboo began to brew from the south. Probably the most dangerous storm I’ve ever seen! My mom and three others were still riding jet skis on the water when it hit. My cousins and I, most of us still in high school, had to sit on our stuff so it wouldn’t fly away. The wind was blowing 50-55 mph when it hit us. We all froze, not knowing what to do.
Wind, rain, lightning, thunder crackling and sand blowing all around us as the storm got violent. We struggled to keep our stuff from flying away.