Debut Albums and Beautiful Lie Essay

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“Why do people love me” asked life
“Because you are the beautiful lie, and I am the ugly truth” replied death
We live our life, and we die. It’s how it happens how it should happen, so why is the human race so set on living forever or when the world will end? If we are all to die, and the majority of people believe in some form of afterlife why are they so afraid? If they day there reborn in some heaven, everyone they loved will be there unless deemed unworthy. People need to be unafraid of death as it will happen and there’s nothing we can about it so instead of being scared of it, just let it be. You don’t have to be excited for it, but don’t go to a doctor for an everlasting healing pill. You see life is a masquerade people have their masks and are afraid to take them off, but death will take it off for them they feel an urge to tell the truth, because their life has tipped the hour glass and is in a steady downfall. I don’t believe in a god or a heaven per say I don’t really know what I believe in I’m open book with many blank pages. But one thing I know is that I’m not afraid to take my mask off at this masquerade and allow people to see into my life. I don’t feel like I need to impress anyone with my life story. Its my story and il write how I want, I will pause and read a few pages back to aid me on my next chapter, and I will put a “The End” when death knocks on my door. I will not struggle with him, I will simple turn on the radio in my head and close my