Debut Albums and Everybody Essay

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analysisAnalysis After observing all presentations, I feel that I can identify the good and bad traits of a person presenting. I learned a lot from the five topics that everybody in class talked about. Everybody had the same topic, but how they describe it is definitely up to them. Everybody had their own style of giving out the information. To me, all of the students were perfectly prepared for the presentation, but it was obvious that some had issues with a couple of things. Among those things is stage fright. It is one of the hardest traits to avoid especially when you are the center of attention. This may affect the presenter’s attitude, tone, and effectiveness to the audience. It was hard for me to listen to one of the students as he spoke. Mumbling and whispering to the audience isn’t going to grab that much of their attention. One other thing I noticed was that most of the groups had an introduction, but not an outro. A wrap-up always attaches the information to our brains, plotting the main points said. On the other hand, there were more positive traits I saw during the presentations. A couple of students were smart enough to put on a suit and look as mature as possible. Honestly, the way some people dressed gave me a good impression and made them look even more prepared then the already are. As a matter of fact, no one hesitated too much to stop and give up. The presentations were merely short, so everybody did their time as told. In conclusion,…