Essay On 'You Have Me Speechless Right Today'

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Babe.. You have me speechless right now. To know that I've done all this or that i am all youve said, makes me happier than anything else. I'm sorry if I ever cost you pain or even started the arguments weve had in the past. If anything it helped me understand you and the situations we have to face in the future. I can't believe I'm saying this, not to offend you or anything but I never thought I've ever fall for another girl again. But girl... Do you have me falling for you. I've never felt this way with anyone for the longest time till I met you. Just something about you got me going crazy and in a good way. Lol

As much as I love hearing that I'll be straight up and tell you that was never my intention. I know I'm a mess and hard to handle at times, but good lord how I appreciate that you put up with me. I've never been so thankful for something (except for my mother of course). You're the only one who has taken the time to understand me, my flaws, what I want, what I need, what I love, how I am, and absolutely everything else. You know my looks, my eyes, my tones, laughs, everything. And what's even better is that you keep paying attention, you keep understanding and learning more and more about me. You actually WANT to be with me and be mine. You fight for me, and in all honesty you're the only one who has. I know I can be bitchy and raise hell but I promise you that it'll pass and that I'll still be there. There's no where, no one, anywhere in the world I'd rather