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Walker 1
Grayson Walker

Professor Rosecliffe

English 105

May 20th, 2015

Why We Do The Things We Do

A lot of people go throughout their lives wondering what would happen if we did things

differently. What would happen if we took the path less taken. Watching people go to work

everyday, living the same exact life each and everyday makes me wonder how can somebody

live like this forever. From my observations at school, work, and in my free time I have realized

that we are all wired differently, yet we all give into the social norms. Like getting a job, having

a place to live and always looking forward to something. I notice an empty expression when I

walk past them at work, blank faces and empty souls I see. They are following the path that was

created for them and not the path they want to take. Some say they hate their job and wish they

could leave, but they never do. Why not just get away tomorrow, go follow your dreams and

everything else will fall into place. We are all going to end up in a box beneath the earth one day,

so why not do what you want to do now. Go out there and chase those dreams, make mistakes,

marry that girl, see the world for what it truly is. I’ve seen too many people live their lives the

way others want them to, they follow rules and after awhile it all seems the same to them. Im not

going to look back on my life and say im so glad I made it through it, because life isnt meant to

be the same ordinary days melting