Debut Albums and Kids Essay

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The other kind
6th hour
Diary ,Monday/Sep/1 , I haven't a clue on what to do. We used up our last bit of food and the last bit of money we has. I guess we will be moving on in the morn i'll pack up the kids and just a head North . Anywhere is better than here I hate the feeling of my kids being hungry and there ain’t nothing for me to do about it. I wish we could just find a place to finally just settle to be able to take a leave on our hams . Gosh what could I do to get a bit a food for the kids? I'll have to start packing if we are to leave by morning I think we'll have enough gas, maybe if we run out hopefully we could flip the car for sumpin. We need food and nothing Is going to stop me whatever it takes .
Tue/Sep/2 we found a spot! its by a river we turned the car into a safe place to rest at night.Now we have water and a traveler that settled here before us taught me how to fish. The kids o‘ my they are the happiest and things are nice for now, as I am ever watchful, looking for anything to come across our way; but things are better now. And I met someone that was in the same boat as my boys and I They say I am lucky I found dem before they found this haven they lost a cherld. And I do not know what I would do if that happened to me after all of this. But what can I do? Cry,mope, what? I has to stop writing I won’t have anything to write with pretty soon.…