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Brallan Gantiva
Kimberly Barron
Enc 1101 6-9:40
October 28, 2013
The Waited Day

The night if June 6th, 2013 it wasn’t a normal for me, I was packing up all my stuff for the day there I finally get to go to Colombia. That night when I was packing my stuff, the excitement that I feel was enormous like the Everest Mountain. Even the excitement was uncontrollable, by the time I went to my soft comfy bed, but it was really hard for me to get some sleep. Even though that’s normal for me not to sleep, when there’s something important going on.

Finally, “The Waited Day,” has come. I remember at 5:30 am, everyone woke, and the ones that couldn’t sleep like me got up to prepare themselves, for the big trip that were ahead of us. As I drove through the highway 95, the breeze that was blowing on my window, it felt fresh like being on meadow field. The fresh of the breeze made me wish that, it will be extremely great the weather of Florida would be like this; Florida would the most perfect weather ever. When we got in the airport, we brought our lugagges on the floor, as I give my car keys to my friend, I kind of felt sad that I wasn’t going to drive my car in 3 months, but my consolation was that I finally going to the place that I always feel happy my home, my lovely country Colombia.

As we proceed to go to the airline’s line, the environment around us felt great, I could see the smiles on the people, and happily talking about the place they were going to, whispering jokes, little kids playing around they felt excited everything was laughter as we did too. The hours in the airport felt like an eternity, I could content myself looking up the clock, even at some moment; I heard the clicking of the clock echoing on my head, it almost was driving me crazy. Finally, we were ready to aboard our plane I could experience a lot of sensations that were more enjoyable and relief, of finally have taken my seat, and waiting for the final procedure of taking off. For some reason there were delays, the minutes of waiting became hours. I built up tension on myself. My strange allergy began to notice my chest turn red, not until these beautiful words that came from the pilot saying: “we’re ready to take off,” what a relief; Bye bye Florida as I took a last look through the window.

After 3 hours on the plane, I finally woke up, my neck hurts, my legs were numb. I looked around, I saw this little girl that was really happy, asking her dad “we’re here right daddy?” I chuckle. Minutes later the pilot addressed to us by saying: “We’re about to land, buckle up,” I couldn’t hold the urge of looking up the window, and saw that we were finally descending. I could smell the warm welcome that was ahead of us.

When we finally landed, I brought down my heavy baggage, I walked towards the exit, and I thought it was dream that I’m here after of months of waiting, the cold fresh air felt great, the warm welcome was visible, the workers from airline welcomed us with smiles, whishing us to have a great in here, that was pleasurable. After doing all the paperwork in immigration, we were set to pick up our luggage. The