Essay on Debut Albums and Ocean

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ons As you open your eyes, you will see the waves crashing up to the shore. Laying there on the gritty sand, you can smell the crisp scent of salt water sweeping up into your nose. Nothing else on Earth is more serene and soothing than feeling the sand rush up and wiggle between your toes. As you get up from the cushioned chair, you will walk up to the shore line to embrace the astonishing view of the horizon. The waves are creeping up to kiss your feet. The water soon becomes intertwined with you and everything else around you suddenly disappears. No sounds are entering your ears as you are taken for a wild ride by Mother Earth herself. Slowly, you go deeper into the ocean. Frightened by the unknown of what the ocean holds, you take your time to become one with the ocean. As you go farther out, the sand sucks you down to the ocean floor. Aquatic life is circling all around you. It is like a series of bright colors and the slimy skin feels as if you could slide on down to enjoy a swim with the fish deep down under. As you get deeper, the animals are getting bigger and more hazardous. You soon realize that you are in, somewhat, of danger. You try to escape and rush back to the shore, but the ocean will not let you leave on your own freewill. The ocean is not wanting to let you go; she is having some issues. Finally, after calming down after the storm, she is willing to set you free. She loosens her grip on you and you are set free like a bird. The shoreline is now under your