Debut Albums and Stock Market Essay

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ENGL 220
The night has shut in, the man gets back from work with a lot of boxes, it seems really heavy, but we don’t know what he has brought back, he is depressed, suffering and too stressed out to talk with his wife about his job, yes, he got fired. It was a really long night because he couldn’t sleep and he couldn’t talk with his wife friendly because they have been fighting for past weeks. The next day he decided to go away and do something that can make him happy, he took his big dog and all the money he had saved in the past from bank and stock market. Then he set off to go to Las Vegas for gambling. He did fill up the gas; pack some clothes and enough food to his adventure. He is really exciting to go there, because he wants to be happy, and get away from his wife and terrible situation. Seems he got a lot of fun in Vegas, because he always win, and also meet so many friends there, one of his friend give him advice, but one bad decision made him loss all the money, at that time he regret and think about his friend had told him and also his dog and wife. He stress out again, because he is not only unemployment, and also no money, he check out the hotel and took the dog with him head back to home, he can not wait to home tell his wife he is wrong, and planning his future job with her. Whereupon, he starts the car with his dog back to home, he was driving and driving, the gas run out really fast, finally stopped on the half way. He has no idea where he at, he is