Debut Albums and Strongest Subject Essay

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Brittany Lewis
English 1010
January 28, 2013

English has always been my strongest subject throughout my years of being in school. Writing and reading have always been something I enjoy doing. The strengths I feel that I have are having the ability to fairly well on topics that are given. I like to be able to research or branch off a topic and go into detail in writing. I feel that writing is the easiest way to express and reflect on something rather than speaking about it. My weaknesses have always been the same, I have a hard tie wording sentences so that they flow and connect from one to another. That is one of my goals for this class is to hopefully learn how to properly structure sentences so that they flow correctly and smoothly through out. I feel that I always know what I want to say but struggle with how to word it correctly.
Looking through the syllabus and the workload that will be leading us through the semester I feel that it is fair. Everything that is expected of us is basic and shouldn’t be hard to follow. On the reading list the only book that I am familiar with is Into the Wild. I personally have never read the book, but I have heard good things about it. So I will be excited to get into that. Other than that all the other books I am unfamiliar with, but I am eager and ready to read them when the time comes. One thing I am pleased to see on the syllabus is the final portfolio. I like being able to pick and choose which essays will be in…