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Decade Interview
1. How long have you been married?
(50’s) - I have been married 33 years this past May.
(70’s) - I was married 25 years.
(80’s) – I was married for 7 years.
2. What life lessons have you learned?
(60’s) - Be more patient, don't be so judgmental, and listen to God when He tells you the answers.
(70’s) – Work hard, stay active.
(80’s) – You can accomplish anything you set your mind to.
3. How many kids and grand-kids do you have?
(50’s) - We have three children: one daughter and two sons, and one granddaughter, ten months.
(60’s) - 2 children, 1 grandchild
(70’s) - 2 kids, 13 grandkids, 5 great grandkids.
(80’s) – 3 stepchildren, 3 step grand children
4. What is or was your occupation?
(60’s) - RN, teacher, currently retired but occasionally substitute teaching
(70’s) - High school teacher for 20 years
(80’s) - High school teacher 2 years.
5. What is the most significant thing you have done in your life?
(50’s) - I have been a mom. I love being a mom and I hope that I've done a pretty good job at it. God gave me three awesome gifts in our children; and now another gift with our granddaughter. Now, I continue being a 'mom' with my theater friends, I've been nicknamed their 'theater mom'. I feel proud and honored they do so.
(60’s) - Adopting my daughter, after that it's going to nursing school.
(70’s) – Earn my pilot’s license.
(80’s) – Start a business.
6. Where are you from?
(60’s) - Newark, NJ
(70’s) – Sarcoxie, Missouri
(80’s) – 40 miles NW of Chicago
7. What is one thing you would have done but didn’t?
(50’s) - I would have either waited longer before purchasing our house, or bought a bigger house to begin with.
(70’s) - Become a mechanical engineer.
8. What advice would you give to our generation?
(50’s) - My advice -- everyone has an opinion. It doesn't hurt to listen, but research and make your decisions based on what's important to your values, ethics, and morals. You can take other's advice, but do so because it's right for you and your family.
(70’s) – Get a good education.
(80’s) – Always give an honest answer.
9. What historical event made impact on your life?
(60’s) - The Cuban Missile crisis - I can remember going to a CYO meeting (catholic youth organization) and that particular evening Kennedy was on TV discussing whether or not we were going to war with Cuba. I remember Russia said they were backing down so there was no longer any danger. I'll never forget that night. The fact that it was a united front of high school children hearing this news together, realizing that if we were to go to war, the missiles would definitely make it to New Jersey and all of us would have been in danger.
(70’s) – WWII
(80’s) – Roe vs. Wade
10. What is a regret that you have?
(80’s) - That I couldn't lose the weight I gained when I quit smoking.
11. What is your religious background, and your thoughts on heaven/hell?
(60’s) - I was born and raised Catholic. I believe in both Heaven and Hell. However, I believe everyone will go to Heaven regardless of what they do, since God is all forgiving I believe everyone will be forgiven in the Eleventh Hour.
(70’s) - Assembly of God. I have a strong belief in God and heaven.
(80’s) - Raised Catholic. Left the church in my 20s. No thoughts.
12. How long have you known your current friends?
(70’s) - Some for 45 years, others less than that.
(80’s) – Most 20 years or longer.
13. Are you satisfied with life?
(70’s) - More than I ever thought I would be at this age.
(80’s) – Yes.
14. Where is the best place you’ve traveled?
(70’s) – Lake Tahoe, California
(80’s) – England
15. *Do you consider yourself healthy?
(50’s) - No, I do not consider myself healthy. Moderately healthy. I have asthma, and I get sick more often than I care too. Probably one out of every four weeks.
(60’s) – Yeah
(70’s) - Very. Last saw a dentist is 1998. Doctor probably 5 years ago.
(80’s) – Yes.
16. *What do you do to