Decathlon China Essay

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Name: Mariam Najeeb
Case Analysis: Decathlon China

Problem Statement:-
In the upcoming executive meeting Aaron Zhou the e-commerce department head has to persuade the CEO to dedicate more resources towards social media in order to increase online sales short term and market share in long term. So how can decathlon china use social media effectively to attract more customers online towards its brand? And what missing Framework Zhou should use to measure the effectiveness of using Social Media as a marketing tool?
Case Analysis:-
Decathlon was established in 1979, it’s a multinational French manufacturer and retailer of sports good. Decathlon is exercising its hundreds of retail shops in different parts of the world. Decathlon China
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As on face book companies can advertise their company by creating advertising banners likewise Renren also has a complete separate section under the header RenRen recommendations where the companies feel free to advertise their company’s banners and interact freely with the potential consumers. Compares to the traditional advertisement social advertisement is way cheaper. The target consumer age on this website ranges from 18 – 34 years old and has more than 160 million registered users on and its sister company which was designed specifically for white collar workers.
Then China’s famous micro – blogging site similar to Twitter is Sina Weibo which has more than 100 million registered users. Sina Weibo is used frequently by the companies to tweet their latest promotions or deals, new additions in their product range and the latest trend in Sina Weibo is to endorse their products with Famous Celebrities to gain more popularity and attract more consumers. Micro Blogging is one of the most effective ways of social media marketing to gain more followers and mobile users as they can be used very easily through cell phones. is the largest Video sharing website of China, with similar functionality as has more than 170 million users ranging between the age group 18 – 34 years. allows users to upload their videos and share them with the whole