True Love Research Paper

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Peter Dresch
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English III
Period 3

What Is True Love?

If love is to be true love and true connection to a partner does exist, it must comply with several “guidelines”. True love isn’t necessarily difficult to find and have, but if someone repeatedly attempts at true love, they will observe that it will never find them. The same goes for someone who has obtained true love but abuses it to his or her own independent gains and ignores the meaning of an everlasting and loyal bond to another. Some say that true love can literally slap you in the face at first sight, but most of the time this is not genuine love; you cannot begin to experience the inner emotions that develop over time in simply a few seconds. True love gradually expands and the person you met a first is nothing like that person twenty years from them. Everything about them seems perfect because they have no flaws and you think of how lucky you’re to have someone that makes you a feel like a better person. An attachment and dependence arises and you find yourself appreciating every single moment that you’re able spend with them and sickness when you’re not. Love is defined as an intense feeling or deep affection, but it also defined as a strong sexual passion or desire. Love isn’t the same as true love because love doesn’t amass to the great power produced from true love. A teenager might say to his friends that he loves and wishes he could marry a famous celebrity, but does he actually mean this? No, he is only interested in physical traits and appearances and has no idea what kind of character this celebrity possesses. Another example is an elderly wealthy man,