Essay about Deception and People

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Deception is, and always has been, a way of life for humans, the use of this deception and the overshadowing of appearance on reality is frequently seen in both, People judge in general from appearance than from reality. Everyone has eyes but a few have a gift of penetrations let me give you a translation, deception is mostly a game we play with ourselves.
Deception.. it is the chocolate cake you eat for dessert covered with attitude flavored frosting, 10x filling and assembling sprinkles so every time you take a bite of it’s luscious appeal you come back wanting more. It is the two-facedness of a penny that Mr. Abraham Lincoln himself could not see coming. One side pain, the other side pleasure; both meant for trickery and intention. But i also forgot to mention on what I truly think: The world is govern more by appearance than realties. So that it is fully as necessary to seem to know something as to know it.
My thesis. i will be explaining my thesis through my own opinion, Literary criticism and article pieces, piece by piece until you guys fully know what I mean, I will be starting with my literary criticism by reading a line from Othello’s Act 3 scene. “Look at your wife, observe her well with Cassio” In this scene, Iago places the idea of Desdemona being unfaithful, and this right here is the catalyst to their relationship which is now unstable, painful. Iago, I can be calling the king deception, without the use of his deceiving the play would not have turned into that direction. The Critic Francesco Aristide Ancona states that, Although Iago aptly demonstrates that iago is evil through his manipulation of others, he is not the only practitioner of the play. Othello himself can also be regraded as the study in deception, for Othello engages in self-deception - less obvious, but eventually just as destructive. Shakespeare was indeed productive, as he adds another main character, the sweet Desdemona. An example may be “O, she deceives me Past thought!” Desdemona had reasons for deceiving her father. She’s rather protect him, she knew that her father would eventually find out the truth, but she felt that by hiding her relationship with Othello she would be delaying the inevitable pain that her father was going to feel.
Once we buy into the ruse, we are trapped. The only way out is to question the deception. The trick then becomes knowing what to question and what to believe. If you choose incorrectly, you remain trapped in a deception or spending time questioning things that are true. The trick is figuring out what is what, and which is which.

During Franklin D. Roosevelt's time in office as the President of the United States, he had fallen extremely ill. His illness would eventually lead to paralysis and he was diagnosed with polio. However, despite his disabilities, he had kept his illnesses a secret to the public. It was only till after he died that the public found out Some question why he refused to receive closure and sympathy from loved ones in telling them the truth or why he choose to lie to his people. However, as the President of United States, he was in much power and to show the public his disability was a sign of weakness and vulnerability, traits that are not given to such a noble position; Hence why he made his "splendid deception". FDR was a strong willed man that was a leader and a role model to many. His successful deception had not only saved his reputation, but enhanced it. The fact that this man was bound to die, yet still had the strength and the will to look after the country was a prime example of a leader. He set the illusion of a healthy man that seemed to be acceptable to the public. If people had known that he was ill or suffering from disabilities, they would spend time sympathizing for him or worst would have had him impeached as he would not be fit for the responsibility to lead the country. FDR foreseen this and clearly did not want to be looked upon as fragile and weak. Now,