Decision and Uncertainty Essay

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The Islamic Egyptian Society Strategic PlaN 2013-2018

“Serving the community through Islamic, welfare and social initiatives”.


1. Promote the moderate understanding of Islam by generating well-educated, engaged Muslim Egyptians in Australia 2. Establish a strong foundation of Australian Egyptians through ongoing activities and access to services for the common good 3. Work towards a sustainable organisation through diverse projects and building bridges benefiting the Islamic and broader community 4. Support Australian Muslims through innovative initiatives that encourage an Islamic lifestyle and a connected community
We respect our participants and members by: * Treating all persons with dignity * Taking benefit from the diverse opinions that reside in our community in accordance with Islamic guidelines * Valuing all contributions that correspond with Islamic principles
We are accountable to participants and the community by: * Making responsible, honest, transparent and informed decisions to ensure long term sustainability of the society * Being professional, honest and consistent in our practices
We show drive and passion towards our members and community by: * Having the desire to work and make a difference * Driving change and continuously improving the quality of the services we provide * Supporting innovation * Focusing on the achievement of outcomes

Team Work We work together by: * Developing and maintaining effective partnerships with participants, service providers and other government and non-government organisations * Valuing open communication and consultation * Sharing experiences, knowledge and ideas

Organisational structure
Priority 1
Social Activities
Priority 2
Welfare initiatives – particularly for the Elderly

Strategic Goals Objective | Output | Activities | Develop a system for recruiting, training and retaining volunteers to contribute to social and welfare initiatives | * 1 Volunteer database * Allocate 4 volunteer personal development training workshops in the year (i.e. induction, project management etc.) * Recruit 10-20 regular and committed volunteers * Provide regular opportunities for volunteers | * Coordinate Induction & training sessions * Design projects i.e.: New Arrival resource manual * Create online registration form | Develop and sustain partnerships with the Islamic and broader community to achieve social and welfare outcomes | * Strategic partner: Arkana College ongoing; * Political partners – State and Federal parliament, “Australia Egypt