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Kearanee Brewton
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Essay 1
Word Count 371 The Time I Had To Make an Important Decision
Decisions are made every day in life;,both good and bad ones. The choice is yours to make. I’ve always been a fairly indecisive person; however, when it’s crunch time, I try to make the best choice. The problem I’ve had making a decision on this year was whether or not to quit college. Everyone knows the decision making process: identify the problem and gather the information, identify other options and evaluate the pros and cons of the options, and last, make the decision.
My problem was I didn’t see how school was benefiting me other than the degree
I’d receive in the long run. College takes time out of your day traveling to the campus or for class purposes, making time for studying and homework, plus the actual class schedule. Going to college and getting to college are jobs for me with no pay except for the refund checks and all the hassle. So I looked into what I could do to earn money and balance college life because quitting was never really an option.
Since getting a job was my only option, I hopped right to it and began the hunting process. The pros of having the job was the income to cover my expenses for school and more independence; however, the cons were less time and energy. I took the time to think it through as everyone should in decisions that could affect them harmfully. I

knew the time and energy it took to get through college courses