Decision Making Essay

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Jessica Schubert
MGT 230
Matthew Gerrell

Recently I made an important, possibly life-altering decision. I had contemplated for a few years whether or not to return to school to earn my Bachelor’s degree in Business. The positive outcomes I predicted, outweighed the struggles of the actual tasks and of the sacrifices I needed to make, so I researched schools and determined that University of Phoenix (with its exclusively online courses) would enable me to carry out my busy life and reach my goal of a attaining a higher education. In making decisions especially big decisions in my life, I tend to wait on making up my mind until I am forced to. I thought I was simply procrastinating, but as our text says managers often avoid making decisions because it can be risky, they want to avoid getting involved, and it is often easier to get distracted with other things. (Bateman, T. 2011) For several years, I saw no immediate need to have a B.A. I was able to find a decent job with my A.A. in Business and felt satisfied. After awhile, this was no longer true and I began to think that I would be more competitive in the job market place with a higher degree. Not until my current position with Target Stores, was I given a real incentive to finish my Bachelors degree. My supervisor spoke to me about training me to advance to the next level of management, but said that I would need to have my degree in order to do so. He offered me a temporary raise and higher position in the meanwhile and informed me about their tuition payment program. Because I waited to get my Associates degree until I had five or so years experience working after high school, I found college challenging. I also had a two year old son and my husband was serving a four year sentence in prison. My life, in general was challenging. With the financial assistance of Pell Grants, scholarships, and my parents financial and personal assistance (baby-sitting), I enjoyed my successful seemingly quick two year degree experience. The community college offered ¾ of my classes online, which only made learning easier and more accessible at the times I had available for learning. When weighing the pro’s and con’s of school, I was swayed by the positives I found. Tuition re-imbursement, support and the offer of a better position (a salaried career position), my previously successful online class experience, and my husband’s support to care for our two sons during my study-time, I made the decision to enroll. I filled out an interested potential student form on the website, had 2 phone conversations, one in person meeting with my enrollment advisor and began school 2 weeks