Essay about Decision Making and Market Place

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SKCA SYSTEMS Report For The Simulation Quarter 1:
Karthik Poonuri Accomplishments/ Contributions: Grade:
Sales Management
Leadership Organizing the team for regular discussions and allotting common time to work on simulation.
Making Sales decisions and strategies.
Selecting team norms for decision-making process.
Learning: Learning how to use simulation.
Learning about roles and responsibilities of a leader in the team.
Learning how to choose sales strategy to support decisions.
Barriers: Using the simulation game for the first time.
Should develop more frequent communication.

Ario MossalanejadAccomplishments/ Contributions: Grade
andMarketing Research Reviewing the available data in simulation.
Making marketing decisions and designing the brands.
Getting to know new people from other backgrounds and understand their opinions.
Learning: I learned how to interact with other members in a positive way in a group work.
I learned how to make a decision based on the available research documents.
I learned how to work with the simulation.
Barriers: Achieving best results in a group case in an online course.
Understand how to work with the simulation at first.
Completing every task on time in order to have spare time for group discussion.
Srujan Kumar Sarab Accomplishments/ Contributions: Grade:
Accounting, Finance &
Marketing Developing the skills in accounting and finance and found it sophisticated and interesting area in the market place. Developing the skills in marketing and getting to the know features available in the market place and trying to implement in real life also.
It is the first time that I have ever experienced real environment like the market in virtual technique which quite unique and very useful in developing the skills in every aspect of the business field. Learning how to organize, use and save the money for future perspectives in the market place. Trying to build the healthy and friendly environment within the team and it is helping me in team building analysis. Barriers: Understanding