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Typefocus Assignment Jon McInroy
13F Introduction to Org. Behavior - BUSI1001 - 13F - 10825
Cynthia Riley
Friday, October 11, 2013

Chapter 2

1. Before attending Georgian I was working in a fitness facility as a trainer. The original training staff consisted of highly educated, experienced trainers. I made the assumption that this level of competency was the rule rather than the exception, and that all trainers performed at this level. In the fitness industry, trainers come from many different educational backgrounds with varying levels of experience. Eventually when a new trainer was hired I compared their current abilities with those of the more experienced trainers. This led me to perceive that this individual was a subpar trainer, when in actuality they were more qualified than the industry average.
2. This situation was an example of the perceptual error contrast effects. Contrast effects can be described as “The tendency to evaluate people or objects by comparing them with the characteristics of recently observed people or objects.”(Kinicki, Fugate & Digby, 2013, p.26) I compared the new trainer to the other trainers that I had been exposed to.

Chapter 3

3. My four-letter code from the Type Focus site was ENTP.

Extraversion describes my predilection towards working with people or as a part of a team. While working as a trainer, I found the interaction with clients more rewarding than the program design aspect of the job.

My second letter was N which stands for intuition. This attribute describes my preference towards being creative and innovative. When working at the gym I implemented a new training protocol that would help us deliver improved client results along with more consistency among trainers. I enjoy finding improved and more efficient ways of doing things.

The next letter was T which is for Thinking. When making decisions I always make sure to weigh the pros and cons to ensure I make the right choice. Sometimes this causes me to over analyze situations. I rarely make decisions based on emotions.

P is for perception. I enjoy new challenges and learning new things. I tend to get bored quickly if something is overly structured and repetitive.

4. My strengths would include being creative and innovative, and always willing to try new ways to get things done. I’m very logical in my decision making process. My weakness would be getting bored easily and also, I often find myself experiencing paralysis by analysis. I tend to overthink things to the point of delaying making decisions.

a) If a project was long and drawn out or very tedious the other group members might be concerned about me losing interest before it was completed. However, I know that can be remedied by working on things in short but intense bursts of effort.

b) My choice would be to work with an ISFJ. I appreciate different points of view so having someone come from the opposite end of the spectrum could really add perspective and depth to our ideas and discussions. Although conflicts might occur, I think in the end a more balanced viewpoint would be achieved.

Chapter 4

5. According to the assessment my interests include enterprising, artistic and social occupations. Social and enterprising did not surprise me, however artistic did because I am far from artistic in a traditional sense. I do like working in creative environments in positions with a degree of autonomy; making sense of patterns is something i find challenging and enjoyable.

a) My values consist of Recognition, Achievement, and Relationships. This makes sense as I would enjoy the potential for advancement, the satisfaction of reaching goals and developing and nurturing relationships with the people I interact with.
b) Occupations that would support my values would involve, leadership, self improvement and be team