Decision Making Case Study Essay

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Decision Making Case Study
Stefanie Parker
June 24, 2011
Kendra Slatton

Decision Making Case Study
The standard definition of decision making is; the process of mapping the likely consequences of decisions, working out the importance of individual factors and choosing the best course of action to take ("Definition of decision,"). In this case study effective decision making tools will be used to choose the best course of action to take in the scenario. The scenario is; as a manager in a county clinic that provides care to Medicaid clients, your department budget was recently cut by 15%. From a statewide health policy standpoint, given a defined budget constraint what clinical services should be eliminated or
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The use of these tools will enhance the clinics ability to better understand their Medicaid clients and how their decisions will affect the lives of those individuals. This knowledge helps foster accountability to those groups because the clinic has acknowledged their needs and should act on them appropriately. Part of using the Toolbox is sharing the information gathered from research. This is an important part of the process because it helps everyone make more informed decisions within the organization as well as external sources. The most important outcome from using the Toolbox is creating an environment of constant learning and improvement. A manager using the IDT as part of the business strategy will consistently seek out new information on how to improve the organization that drive more informed and successful decisions. Using the IDT, managers can make effective evidence based decisions that will benefit the organization. In this case the tools were used to make an effective evidence based decision to cut Medicaid services in a time of budget constraints.

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