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Introduction Decision making is a characteristic that is not only held by individuals, but is also implemented in processes within companies. Each style of decision making that a company teaches, is different and has different strengths. While some companies need to develop better practices, others have ways that incorporate all staff members to be active in the process. This paper will describe successful and unsuccessful experiences related to group decision making in a retail setting, as well as factors that affect the group’s overall effectiveness in the process.
A Successful Process The retail industry is built on the success of its employees. The staff is there to help consumers purchase goods and have an exceptional shopping experience. There are different positions help within the company, and when organized properly, each position has the potential to excel. Many retail chains participate in fund raising events. It is a positive and quick way for charities to raise funds in order to fulfill their quota. While fund raisers are fun and goal orientated, the store can gather its employees to help raise money. However, there is a lot of planning, preparing and involvement that takes place. Managers are responsible for brainstorming and executing ideas that will involve the staff and help the fund raising organization to reach their goal. The process that takes place involves store managers meeting with assistant and area managers. They brainstorm ways to advertise the event, to get all employees involved, to get customers interested enough to donate all while working together. Advertisement would include banners and signs displayed on store fronts to inform shoppers of the event. Employees might be asked to wear promotional outfits that raise awareness, ask customers at the time of checkout if they would like to donate and reward the customer with a small token of appreciation for their donation. Employees also may have the opportunity to earn rewards while participating in the event. These rewards could include become employee of the month, be recognized for the achieving the highest donations, etc. Meanwhile, during the events, managers would arrange for entertainment, informational stands and ask volunteers from the fund raising organization to speak of their efforts from those who have donated. This particular group decision making process sets a tone for positivity from the staff as well as the public. Everyone is coming together for one cause and to make the event as successful as possible. It is important for the managers to come up with realistic goals that everyone will be able to achieve. This can create strong moral and work ethic among the company. As each person who is involved with the group decision making, each has their role in making sure that ideas are followed through. An Unsuccessful Process Again, the retail industry is built on the success of its employees. If the staff is unwilling to cooperate, this leaves the management team to dissolve problematic issues. There are always going to situations that cannot always be handled. The decision making process is controlled in different ways, that ultimately requires a common goal to be established. There are employees who become dishonest in their work and get caught doing things against company policy. When an employee abuses the company rules, there needs to be appropriate action taken place. It is then that the management team would come together with gathered facts to establish if the employee in question is able to continuing working for the company or to be written up with specific guidelines to follow with ongoing employment. In some cases, the group of managers making the decision may have split feelings based on the evidence presented, the overall employment history of the staff member and whether or not it will be in the company’s best interest to continue employment. When a group of managers