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Decision- Making Process

One of the personal decisions that I had to take and that wasn’t easy was enrolling in school. First of all I had to take the decision to go to the school and talk with the academic adviser to see what was best for my career. I had to check my schedule to see when I had time, then I called the consoler and made an appointment. Once I was there I check for all the opportunities that I had, and I made the decision based on the career path I wanted to take. My carrier advisor talked to me about the two differences options that were best for my career and my goals. Finally I made the decision of what and how I wanted to study, we then made the schedule and the final point was to start school. Until now that was the best decision I ever made.
My decision making- process was very similar to the one that was described in the text because it followed a series of steps of which you had to take in order to reach your goals. The book said that the steps in the decision making process are identifying and diagnosing the Problem, Generating alternative solutions, evaluating alternatives, making the choice, implementing the decision, and finally evaluating the decision. As you can see in the first paragraph where I was talking about the decision making process I order to start school was the same process as the one describe in the book. Every decision starts with the collection of information, alternatives, values and the preferences available at the time of the decision.
I think my decision wouldn’t change if I used the same steps because the decision making process that the book