Decision making process Essay

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Decision-Making Process

There are many problems a person can face in their lives it could be personal or professional. To make decision a little easier many people follow the decision making process. The steps in this process can guide a person to make the best decision while viewing the options. According to Bateman (2011), decision-making process steps are first identifying and diagnosing the problem, generating alternative solutions, evaluating alternatives, making the choice, implementing the decision, and evaluating the decision (“Chapter 3”). When buying a car for the first time, I had to follow similar steps to see if buying a car would be the best option. The steps I use were identifying the problem, evaluating the alternatives, research, and making a decision so that I would come out with the best solution. The problem I was identifying was if I needed a newer car or should I keep the one I already had. This was a problem because the car that I had was continuing to need repair and was an older car. I identified my problem, I next evaluated my alternatives do I continue to pay the repairs on the car I had, use others ways of transportation or buy a newer car. I did research on different cars to see what best fit my budget. This process included checking out different models, makes, prices, gas mileages, and reviews. After completing the research step the following step making a decision came easy. I decided to buy a newer car I considered the possible outcomes and made the decision.
My decision making process is similar to the process named in Management: Leading and Collaborating in a competitive Work Bateman ("Chapter 3," 2011). I believe that even though I did not follow the steps name in Management: Leading and Collaborating in a competitive Work Bateman ("Chapter