Decision Making Process Essay

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Decision-Making Process
April 16, 2012

Decision-Making Process
One most recent life changing decisions I made was changing jobs and relocating alone. The only process in my decision was the distance from family and the security of the job. The main objective was to find a job that offered a decent hourly wage, medical benefits, and some type of retirement plan. There was not any type of decision-making process just the thought of supporting myself and moving on with life.
According to the text there are six stages of decision making. The decision maker should (1) identify and diagnose the problem, (2) generate alternative solutions, (3) evaluate alternative, (4) make the choice, (5) implement the decision, and (6) evaluate the decision (Bateman & Snell, 2011). On a very small level all six of these stages were used in the decision to change jobs and relocate.
Although my decision did involve identifying and diagnosing the problem it was not quite as elaborate as the text describes. The identification of the problem was that I had no job. Diagnosing the problem is to find a job. I used my experience of a temporary job to apply for career employment with the post office.
The generation of alternative solutions was taking a permanent job offered by a relative and enrolling in medical and billing school at night. The job lasted for about a month before I was hired at the post office. The medical and billing school was put on hold. The evaluation of this alternative was not the most appealing to me but I knew I could make the best of it and eventually obtain a college degree and a satisfying career.
Making the choice to take the job offer was very difficult because it meant I had to move 17 hours away from all my family and friends. After several days of discussion with my immediate family, I chose to take the job. This decision was huge and meant several changes. The first was finding a place to live, getting a reliable vehicle, and moving. The time frame for getting this done was one week.
After the initial decision was made and I was settled into my new home I