Essay on Decision Making Process

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Even though making decision can be difficult to implement, they are made every day. According to Bateman, (2012), decision making process may become challenging for people due to the lack of structure and entails risk, uncertainty and conflict. When making decisions especially life changing decisions one should choose an appropriate model to follow in order to avoid challenges or setbacks. Few years ago I decided that I needed a place of my own to live due the fact that I was living with my parent which was becoming unbearable. The first stage of buying a house was to assess my needs versus my wants. The decision to purchase my first home is one of the biggest and best decisions I had ever made. I was unaware of the requirements to buy a house so information was seek from family members , friends, banks, real estate’s broker etc. The lack of information and financial ability were the main problem I would face in buying the house.
Secondly, I was aware that it will cost more than the money I had saved up as I had decided to acquire a loan from family members or a financial institution. Being a single mom and working one job I knew from the start that that I would face financial constraints in buying my dream home. I decided to meet with a financial institution to ascertain how much money I would preapprove for. As stated by Bateman (2012), the second stage of decision making links problem diagnosis to the development of alternative courses of action aimed at solving the problem. From meeting with the loan officer at the bank, he provided the following steps in loan application process:
• Make a loan application and get preapproved.
• Determine what you want to pay and select a loan option.
• Submit to the lender an accepted purchase offer contract.
• Get an appraisal and title commitment.
• Obtain funding for closing cost
During third stage, I analyzed alternatives such as continuing to live with my parents, seek a loan with a low interest rate or ask a family to be a co applicant on the loan application so I will receive more money from the bank. Bateman states that often time’s alternatives are evaluated with insufficient thought or logic. In evaluating alternatives, I decided that I will sell a property that was given to by a grandfather in order to come up with the total amount for the necessary fees to complete the application process.
By knowing the total money that was available to me I started house