Decision-making process Essay

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Managerial Skills

Does the means always justify the end? While writing the essay it comes to my mind to transform this famous phrase of the Italian historian and politician,Niccolo Machiavelli, into a question. I assume that we all know the answer to this question, otherwise we would`t have the Managerial Skills Course.

The decision making process usually depends on the person and those qualities and tools that he or she possesses.Anyway everyone has its own set of rules and strategies that he/she applies in order to succeed. I will analyze those techniques that I use in the modern life to solve different kinds of problems.

To my persistence it is very important not only to find the right answer to the question but also to ask the right question.This is the first point of my decision making strategy. I make a plan- a set of questions.I structure my answers and in the end I see the whole picture, the root problem and the consequences it may have. I forecast the possible outcomes and try to prevent them if that is possible.

The first question that I usually ask myself is what is the final goal? It is impossible to make a good decision without identifying your final goal.

The next question is to make the goal more specific.For example if I would like to start my own business the next question that I would definitely ask is what are the criteria of my final goal.What kind of business is it?What area is preferable for me?What should I do to make this business