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Decision-Making Process Paper A couple of months ago I made the decision to continue my education. In making a decision there is always some type of process on how the choice is made. The decision-making process will be compared to the stages of decision-making. Many factors go into making the decision and were a very difficult one to make. I was obtaining trouble advancing my career, after a couple of weeks of thinking about solutions to overcome the situation I decided to continue my education. This choice was a huge decision to make. I would have to work fewer hours and spend less time with my children. I started making a list of pros and cons on enrolling in school. The pros outweighed the cons and started deciding on a college to attend. After a few meetings with consular, I started attending University of Phoenix- San Antonio. My decision-making process was similar to the stages of the decision-making process. The first step of the decision-making process is to identify the problem. I noticed that I had the experience in the fields I was applying for but the people with a degree were getting the job. Generating alternatives is next. I decided to continue my education and get my degree. Then to evaluate the alternative; I did this by writing out the pros and cons of my decision. Then its making the choice, choosing a school to attend was my choice. I implemented the decision by attending University of Phoenix - San Antonio. The last step is to