Decision Making Process

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Decision Making Process
Cody White
December 6th, 2012
Palmer Pellham

Decision Making Process People make important decision every moment of every day. Whether good or bad, each of these decisions has repercussions. Some decisions carry more weight; hence the process one must take to come to such a decision cannot be taken lightly. There are certain points in our lives that require us to determine which course of action we will take, knowing full well that the decision we come to will have a major impact on daily life. Buying a home is one of these important milestones. I purchased my first home in 2009. At the time I was serving in the United States Marine Corps, stationed at Camp Pendleton, CA. Being married and with a small child, I was looking to relocate my family off base. When the topic first came up, my wife and I had many discussions on what the best plan of action would be. We could have chosen to stay where we were, base housing; however the conditions were less than desirable, so ultimately we agreed to move off base. We began discussing the options of renting or buying, realizing that at some point in my military career I would be deploying and my wife and son would be moving back home to Washington. After talking to my older cousin who was also stationed at Camp Pendleton, he explained the pros of buying a home using my VA home loan. There would be no down payment and our interest rate was incredibly low, which was a major selling point for me. Once we decided on going the VA home loan route, deciding on a location was first on the list. We chose a nice two bedroom, two bath condo less than two miles from the base. We chose this location with the idea of being able to rent it out to Marines once I served out my enlistment, which we currently are doing. I view this purchase as an investment because I will always be able to rent it to young Marines trying to get out of the barracks. It is the perfect location for doing this. Comparing my decision making process to the text book, I would say that my decision process was