Decision Making Style Essay

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Tanya Anwer
Mr. Kirby
Feb 29th 2012
Decision Making Style My highest decision making style is Analytical. In the beginning of starting a new job I constantly want to get through and past that stage of “being new” and be able to perfect as I go. In making decisions in busy and chaotic times at work I admit I struggle in the beginning of the job, once I become comfortable I make decisions and don’t have to constantly ask peers questions. I do have a moderate level of comfort and confidence when making decisions, however as time progresses I constantly try to work on my skills and think about how I could improve in different situations, or handle chaos at work better. I currently am training at Customer Service Front Desk at my Publix. Time management, decision making, and communication skills all come in handy. All that is left for one person to do is how to self-discipline themselves and manage what needs to be done and what should be done. Currently I am in training for Customer Service Representative at Publix. With the all the chaos and craze going around you it isn’t easy as it looks. However I love working in a fast paced environment and once training is complete it will be cake. Once a customer service staff member is at the front desk we take care of everything, from Western Union, Ticketmaster, to lottery. While taking care of all that up front, we constantly have to look out at the registers, make sure the lines aren’t backing up, everyone’s moving fast and keeping up with the pace. Taking care of each and every customer and helping them leave satisfied with their purchases. I really need to work on being confident in the work I do and how I handle situations. I tend to become very nervous after a serious situation that I am involved in and question myself. Being analytical in my decision making style is all I really think I would focus on. I want to be able to focus on what I do best and improve on my mistakes that I do make. Decision making has been put to the test for me right now, since I’m still in training and learning new things it’s been very hard for me to see if I make a decision will the other customer service staff agree with my move. However I constantly keep using my communication skills to interact with everyone and understand what exactly needs to go on. My ratings in confidence and decision making were 36, so I’m still uncomfortable and shaky in decision making. Since I’m an analytical decision maker I see myself trying to perfect myself in the little areas that I need to work on. My communication style however is Masking, Avoiding, Controlling and Leading. My biggest task is to control my anger and not let it slip up on other employees, however I constantly try to make sure the employee also understands that I’m trying to help them not call them out. I constantly end up in situations where I’m known to be the therapist, and I like to hear everybody’s opinion and view on how they are seeing certain